Anglo-Norman Studies XLIII: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2020

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Joan of England and Al-ʿâdil's Harem: The Impossible Marriage between Christians and Muslims (Eleventh-Twelfth Centuries) (The Allen Brown Memorial Lecture)- Martin Aurell //
The Forests and Elite Residences of the Earls of Chester in Cheshire, c. 1070-1237 (The Des Seal Memorial Lecture) - Rachel E. Swallow //
The Coinage of Harold II in the Light of the Chew Valley Hoard (The Christine Mahoney Memorial Lecture) - Gareth Williams //
Change and Continuity: Multiple Lordship in post-Conquest England (The Marjorie Chibnall Essay Prize) - Hannah Boston //
'Fitting the missing tile': Universal Chronicle-writing and the Construction of the Galfridian Past in the Continuatio Ursicampina (The Marjorie Chibnall Essay Prize Proxima Accessit) - Gabriele Passabì //
'Audi Israel': Apostolic Authority in the Coronation of Mathilda of Flanders - Laura L. Gathagan //
Between the Ribble and the Mersey: Lancashire before Lancashire and the Irish Sea Zone - Charles Insley //
The Helmet and the Crown: The Bayeux Tapestry, Bishop Odo and William the Conqueror - Christopher Norton //
Knighting in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries - Max Lieberman //
Enquête, Exaction and Excommunication: Experiencing Power in Western France, c.1190-1245 - Richard Barton
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