Calibration of consumer knowledge of the web

Kishore Gopalakrishna Pillai, Charles Hofacker

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Calibration of consumer knowledge of the web refers to the correspondence between accuracy and confidence in knowledge of the web. Being well-calibrated means that a person is realistic in his or her assessment of the level of knowledge that he or she possesses. This study finds that involvement leads to better calibration and that calibration is higher for procedural knowledge and common knowledge, as compared to declarative knowledge and specialized knowledge. Neither usage, nor experience, has any effect on calibration of knowledge of the web. No difference in calibration is observed between genders. But, in agreement with previous findings, this study also finds that males are more confident in their knowledge of the web. The results point out that calibration could be more a function of knowledge-specific factors and less that of individual-specific factors. The study also identifies flow and frustration with the web as consequences of calibration of knowledge of the web and draws the attention of future researchers to examine these aspects.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)254-267
Number of pages14
JournalInternational Journal of Research in Marketing
Issue number3
Early online date26 Jul 2007
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2007


  • Calibration
  • Knowledge
  • Web
  • Involvement
  • Knowledge type

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