Coding into \(H(\omega_2)\) together (or not) with forcing axioms. A survey

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This paper is mainly a survey of recent results concerning the possibility of building forcing extensions in which there is a simple definition, over the structure \(\langle H(\omega_2), \in\rangle\) and without parameters, of a prescribed member of $H(omega_2)$ or of a well--order of \(H(\omega_2)\). Some of these results are in conjunction with strong forcing axioms like \(PFA^{++}\) or \(MM\), some are not. I also observe (Corollary 4.4) that the existence of certain objects of size \(\aleph_1\) follows outright from the existence of large cardinals. This observation is motivated by an attempt to extend the \(PFA^{++}\) result to a result mentioning \(MM^{++}\).
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Title of host publication>Computational prospects of infinity
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VolumeLecture Notes Series 15
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Publication statusPublished - 2008

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