Core-shell semiconductor nanocrystals:  Effect of composition, size, surface coatings on their optical properties, toxicity, and pharmacokinetics

Wafa T Al-Jamal

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Quantum dots are semiconducting nanocrystals that exhibit extraordinary optical properties. QD have shown higher photostability compared to standard organic dye type probes. Therefore, they have been heavily explored in the biomedical field. This review will discuss the different approaches to synthesis, solubilise and functionalise QD. Their main biomedical applications in imaging and photodynamic therapy will be highlighted. Finally, QD biodistribution profile and in vivo toxicity will be discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)340-349
Number of pages10
JournalCurrent Pharmaceutical Design
Issue number3
Early online date26 Oct 2016
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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