Development of a LC-MS/MS method for the measurement of total fractionated urine metadrenalines and determination of a healthy population reference range

A Banks, John Dutton, K Phillipson, AS Davison

Research output: Contribution to conferencePosterpeer-review


Phaeochromocytoma (PCC) and paraganglioma (PGL) are rare neuroendocrine tumours that arise from chromaffin tissue, typically in the adrenal medulla. They are characterised by the secretion of catecholamines and their methylated metabolites (metadrenaline, normetadrenaline and 3-methoxytyramine).
PCC/PGL pose a diagnostic dilemma to clinicians as they often present with non-specific symptoms (e.g. hypertension, sweating), or are found incidentally on imaging. Measurement of plasma or urine metadrenalines are recommended for the investigation of PCC as they offer superior diagnostic performance characteristics compared to catecholamines.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2014
EventEuroLabFocus - Liverpool, United Kingdom
Duration: 7 Oct 201410 Oct 2014


Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom

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