Development of a psychologically enhanced interactive online intervention for hazardous drinking

Stuart Linke, Jim McCambridge, Zarnie Khadjesari, Paul Wallace, Elizabeth Murray

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Aims: The content of novel interventions is often not well specified. We provide a detailed account of the rationale for and redevelopment of an Internet resource for hazardous drinkers—Down Your Drink (DYD) ( Development Work: An iterative process blended literature reviews of Internet interventions for health conditions and brief treatments for alcohol problems, feedback from users of the original site and from users panels, and completion of a series of developmental tasks. Intervention: The detailed structure and content of the new version of the website is presented. This permits an appreciation of the intended interaction between the user and the intervention, and emphasizes both the freedom of choice available to the user to access diverse material for personal benefit and the value of a clear organizational structure. Conclusions: Presentation of detailed information on the theoretical underpinning, content and structure of an intervention makes it easier to interpret the results of any evaluation and is likely to be of use to those developing other online interventions for alcohol or other health behaviours.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)669-674
Number of pages6
JournalAlcohol and Alcoholism
Issue number6
Early online date7 Aug 2008
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2008

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