Development of an evidence-based regimen of prednisolone to treat giant cell arteritis - the Norwich regimen

Chetan Mukhtyar, Heidi Cate, Conor Graham, Peter Merry, Karen Mills, Aseema Misra, Colin Jones

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We have reviewed the literature to form a bespoke regimen for daily oral prednisolone (DP) in GCA. Initial DP in clinical trials is 40-60 mg daily, but relapse rates are 67-92%. Cumulative prednisolone (CP) of 3.2 and 3.9 g (at 6 months) resulted in a relapse rate of 83 and 67%, respectively; and 3 and 3.9 g (at 12 months) resulted in 92 and 82% relapse, respectively. CP was 6.2-7.1 g in the first year. Mean DP was 18.8 mg at 3 months and 6.6-7.4 mg at 12 months. The duration of treatment with prednisolone for GCA was 22-26 months. The CP to achieve discontinuation was 6.5-12.1 g. Using these data, the Norwich regimen starts DP at 1 mg/kg/day of lean body mass, discontinuing over 100 weeks. For the average UK woman, initial DP is 45 mg daily, reaching 21 mg daily by 12 weeks and 6 mg daily by 52 weeks. The CP for the average UK woman would be 6.5 g at 52 weeks and 7.4 g to discontinuation.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberrkz001
JournalRheumatology Advances in Practice
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2019

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