Gastronomy as a National Identity Element: The Peruvian Case

Oswaldo Morales, Carlos Cordova

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Purpose — The aim is to describe the cultural richness of Peruvian racial diversity. The articulating and unifying role of Peruvian gastronomy is highlighted in building a national identity, which acts as a platform for social cohesion. Design/Methodology/Approach — Qualitative analysis is used in order to understand the drivers that enabled a cultural revolution through gastronomy. Findings — Under a vast cultural diversity, gastronomy arises to articulate and unify it into a common sense of national identity and social inclusion. Although Peruvian gastronomic boom started as an initiative of a group of entrepreneurs, it actually has had an impact at society level. Research Limitations/Implications — Ethnographic studies among different social classes and racial groups are needed in order to elucidate the perceptions that they have regarding their social inclusion. At a quantitative level, econometric studies could be conducted to reflect the impact of gastronomy on poverty reduction or on inequality reduction, especially in urban-marginal or rural areas. Practical Implications — Gastronomy is also a business strategy model on the basis of the creation of a cluster as a viable alternative for developing countries. Social Implications — Peruvians no matter their racial heritage or social class are proud of their cousin and of being Peruvians, creating a sense of national union and social inclusion. Originality/Value — The contribution is to highlight the importance of gastronomy as one of the main articulators in the construction of national identity under a racially diverse population. Society, public policy officers, and businesses may benefit from this.

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Publication statusPublished - 10 Apr 2019

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  • Culture
  • Diversity
  • Gastronomy
  • National identity
  • Peru
  • Peruvian food

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