Has a decade made a difference? The contribution of UK primary care to basic medical training in 2004

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Primary care in the United Kingdom has become a regular contributor to basic medical training for all undergraduates, and is likely to be a core component of the new foundation stage of doctors’s postgraduate medical training, regardless of their ultimate career choice. This discussion article aims to describe the nature of the contributions that primary care is currently making to basic medical training, compare this with the overall potential and values of general practice, examine the underlying concepts that are being drawn upon, and critique the factors that make this sustainable for the future (or not). The article combines relevant background literature and expert opinion from the author, who has been a GP educator for 20 years and is a clinical academic involved in the planning, delivery and research evaluation of medical education. It is a personal view, based on a belief that primary care has a uniquely valuable role for patients and learners, but that its ability to contribute to medical education remains at risk.
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JournalEducation for Primary Care
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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