History of Siliguri (1800-2020)

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Siliguri is one of the fastest growing urban Cities in India. It is a sub-divisional city, which itself is so rich and versatile that it cannot be compared with any other city in India. Due to tremendous growth, Siliguri is now far away from its past outlook, becoming the largest and fastest growing city in eastern India after Guwahati. In this city we can easily access schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, airport, three railway stations, radio stations, private Engineering college, hotels etc. So, this city is also known as the “UNCROWNED CAPITAL OF NORTH BENGAL”.
The book, “History of Siliguri (1800-2020)” explores transitions and changes by observing the individual experiences, while bringing the larger issues to a more accessible scale, also, this book focuses on the realistic challenges faced by the people of Siliguri since time immemorial. The issues are carefully chosen to address needs that if not immediate, will necessarily be so tomorrow. The intent is that the paper supports an informed discussion and leads towards policy thought in anticipation of need, rather than in the face of it.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationIndia
Number of pages199
Publication statusPublished - 25 Mar 2021


  • Siliguri
  • West Bengal
  • Siliguri, India
  • West Bengal, India
  • History of West Bengal
  • History of Siliguri
  • History of North Bengal
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