Integration of copy number and transcriptomics provides risk stratification in prostate cancer: A discovery and validation cohort study

H. Ross-Adams, A.D. Lamb (Lead Author), M.J. Dunning, S. Halim, J. Lindberg, C.M. Massie, L.A. Egevad, R. Russell, A. Ramos-Montoya, S.L. Vowler, N.L. Sharma, J. Kay, H. Whitaker, J. Clark, R. Hurst, V.J. Gnanapragasam, N.C. Shah, A.Y. Warren, C.S. Cooper, A.G. LynchR. Stark, I.G. Mills, H. Groenberg, D.E. Neal

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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