Joint British Societies' Guidelines on Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Clinical Practice

British Cardiac Society, British Hypertension Society, Diabetes UK, HEART UK, Primary Care Cardiovascular Society, The Stroke Association

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The Joint British Societies’ guidelines (JBS 2) on cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practice were developed by a Working Party (see table) with nominated representatives from six professional societies. All members contributed to the text and those from the specialist societies of hypertension, lipids, and diabetes were specifically responsible for developing the sections on blood pressure, lipids, and glucose. All sections of the document represent an evidence based consensus by all professional societies involved. The scientific literature which informs the recommendations is referenced throughout the text and Dr Kornelia Kotseva is thanked for all her help in searches for systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and checking the referencing of all sections. We are grateful to both Mr Harry Heyes of the Department of Medical Illustration, University of Manchester, for the cardiovascular risk prediction charts artwork, and Mr Daniel Prais of Crawford’s Business Services, Salford, for the computer programming. Dr Paola Primatesta is thanked for providing prevalence estimates of total CVD risk in the adult population from the Health Survey for England. Mr Tim Collier (Statistician, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) is also thanked for preparing the figures on lipid trials. Despoina Xenikaki provided the Working Party with invaluable administrative support. This guideline was reviewed and approved by the boards of all the professional societies.
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