Keeping students in Mind: Understanding student Mental Health Research

Tanatswa Chikaura, Madhuri Kamtam

Research output: Other contribution


In this week’s episode, the host is Tanatswa Chikaura. Tanatswa is a mental health advocate and master’s in Neuroscience student from the University of Cambridge. In Zimbabwe, her home country, Tanatswa leads a mental health organisation that seeks to promote good mental health for children, adolescents, and youths called Ndinewe Foundation; and her research interests lie primarily in cognitive neuroscience. Tanatswa is joined by Ph.D researcher Madhuri Kamtam from the University of East Anglia who focuses on labour economics, the political economy of development, gender, caste, econometrics, and social policy research. The issues we discuss in this episode highlight how lived experience shared can be instrumental in shaping mental health education and support. The episode starts with Madhuri explaining her involvement in the SMaRteN funded project "Exploring Belonging among Doctoral Students of Colour," and how this research is instrumental in shaping mental health education and support for students of colour. Tanatswa and Madhuri then go on to discuss the importance of cross-cultural validity and lived experience in mental health research; addressing some of the barriers that may prevent international students of colour from seeking mental health support in tertiary institutions. Finally, they explore how conversations around mental health and international students of colour can be translated and integrated into policy development.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 26 Apr 2023

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