Kent: State of the historic environment 2021

David Gill, Peter Matthews

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The RSA published its latest iteration of the Heritage Index in the autumn of 2020. This updates the data from 2016. The purpose of the Index is to assist with data-informed decision making for the heritage sector in the United Kingdom. The data aregrouped around six main themes: Historic Built Environment; Museums, Archives and Artefacts; Industrial Heritage; Parks and Open Spaces; Landscape and Natural Heritage; and Cultures and Memories. There is a further category looking at basic infrastructure.The Index is presented by local authority in England, with rankings available for each theme. The methodology gives a different weighting to each element of data; for example, public participation with the Historic Built Environment is worth 20 per cent of the activity section for that theme, whereas Grade I listed buildings ‘at risk’ reduce the asset element by 12 per cent. There are differences in the data available for the different nations within the United Kingdom.This report has been prepared by the Centre for Heritage at the University of Kent to identify ways to develop and support the heritage sector within the countyand region. This report emphasises that six local authorities in Kent are placed in the top 100 for England. This report is part of a series on the State of the Historic Environment in 2021 available via the Centre for Heritage website.1
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Kent
Publication statusPublished - 19 Jul 2021

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