BCAN, the Biodiversity and Climate Action Network, brings together students and staff at UEA committed to making UEA ‘walk the talk’ on the climate & biodiversity emergencies.

The BCAN “Climate Education” working group has developed a series of pragmatic proposals for improving climate education at UEA. These proposals are based on research on other universities’ climate education work, on staff and student workshops (funded by the Chase Climate Justice Network) and on conversations with relevant bodies at UEA.

Implementing these proposals will require a moderate level of resource commitment from central management. Not committing these resources puts UEA at significant risk of further falling behind others in the sector. The proposals in this report can be implemented swiftly and mostly be slotted into existing structures. They should be a starting point for more fundamental reforms in the near future.

This report proposes that UEA widens, broadens, and deepens its climate education offer, by taking the steps outlined in detail in the graphic on the next page.
The proposals in this report are based on a philosophy of interdisciplinary critical optimism that takes issues of climate avoidance and climate anxiety seriously, while equipping students with critical thinking skills and preparing them for taking action in the real world.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUEA's Biodiversity and Climate Action Network (BCAN)
Publication statusPublished - 2024

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