Lithostratigraphy of the Dinantian Inverclyde and Strathclyde Groups, Cokburnspath Outlier, East Lothian - North Berwickshire

Julian E. Andrews, Ghulam Nabi

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A revised lithostratigraphy at member level is proposed for part of the Dinantian (former Calciferous Sandstone Measures) of the Cockburnspath Outlier. Three members, the Eastern Hole, Horse Roads Sandstone and Hurker Members are recognised in the Tyninghame Formation (Inverclyde Group). The Gullane Formation (Strathclyde Group) is divided into the Kip Carle and Heathery Heugh Sandstone Members, and the Aberlady Formation (Strathclyde Group) into the Cove Harbour, Bilsdean, and Longcraig Members. Each member is formally defined, type sections are assigned, and detailed measured sections presented. The members are unambiguous over half of the outlier where they are known at outcrop or in core. Generalized lithofacies interpretations show that these members represent channel sandstone and floodplain-crevasse deposits in a near-coastal fluvial–deltaic environment.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)105-119
Number of pages15
JournalScottish Journal of Geology
Publication statusPublished - 1994

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