Major agricultural changes required to mitigate phosphorus losses under climate change

M. C. Ockenden (Lead Author), M. J. Hollaway, K. J. Bevan, A. L. Collins, R. Evans, P. D. Falloon, K. J. Forber, K. M. Hiscock, R. Kahana, C. J. A. Macleod, W. Tych, M. L. Villamizar, C. Wearing, P. J. A. Withers, J. G. Zhou, P. A. Barker, S. Burke, J. E. Freer, P. J. Johnes, M. A. SnellB. W. J. Surridge, P. M. Haygarth

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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