Mathematics Undergraduates’ Experience of Visualisation in Abstract Algebra: The metacognitive need for an explicit demonstration of its significance

Marios Ioannou, Elena Nardi

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Abstract Algebra is considered by students as one of the most challenging topics of their university studies. Our study is an examination of the cognitive, social and emotional aspects of mathematics undergraduates’ learning experience in Abstract Algebra. Our data consists of: observation notes and audio-recordings of lectures and group seminars of a Year 2 course in the UK; student and lecturer interviews; and, coursework and examination papers. Data analysis is currently in progress. For the purposes of this paper, following some of our preliminary observations on the students’ apparently diminishing engagement over the ten weeks of the course – and, particularly, their comments on the effect that the abstract, not easily visualisable nature of Abstract Algebra has on their relationship with the topic – we scrutinize the data sources listed above for evidence of their perceptions about / attitudes towards / employment of visualization in Abstract Algebra.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2010
Event13th Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education - Raleigh, United States
Duration: 25 Feb 201028 Feb 2010


Conference13th Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education
Country/TerritoryUnited States

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