Protecting an Ecosystem Service: Approaches to Understanding and Mitigating Threats to Wild Insect

Richard J. Gill, Katherine C. R. Baldock, Mark J. F. Brown, James E. Cresswell, Lynn V. Dicks, Michelle T. Fountain, Michael P. D. Garratt, Leonie A. Gough, Matt S. Heard, John M. Holland, Jeff Ollerton, Graham N. Stone, Cuong Q. Tang, Adam J. Vanbergen, Alfried P. Vogler, Guy Woodward, Andres N. Arce, Nigel D. Boatman, Richard Brand-Hardy, Tom D. BreezeMike Green, Chris M. Hartfield, Rory S. O'Connor, Juliet L. Osborne, James Phillips, Peter B. Sutton, Simon G. Potts

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105 Citations (Scopus)

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