Quantitative studies of metal ion adsorption on a chemically modified carbon surface: Adsorption of Cd(II) and Hg(II) on glutathione modified carbon

Poobalasingam Abiman, Gregory Wildgoose, Alison Crossley, Richard G. Compton

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The adsorption behavior of model toxic metal cations namely Cd(II) and Hg(II) on carbon surfaces chemically modified by glutathione was investigated as a function of the concentration of Cd2+ and Hg2+ ions, time and the amount of modified carbon used. Square wave and linear sweep anodic stripping voltammetry was used to monitor the uptake of Cd(II) and Hg(II) ions respectively. Kinetic and adsorption isotherm studies reveal that both Cd(II) and Hg(II) ions undergo similar large adsorption with the modified glutathione carbon material (Glu-carbon).
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)897-903
Number of pages7
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2009

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