Reproducibility of left ventricular blood flow kinetic energy measured by four-dimensional flow CMR

Ciaran Grafton-Clarke, Saul Crandon, Jos J. M. Westenberg, Peter P. Swoboda, John P. Greenwood, Rob J. Van Der Geest, Andrew J. Swift, Vassilios S. Vassiliou, Sven Plein, Pankaj Garg

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Objectives: Four-dimensional flow CMR allows for a comprehensive assessment of the blood flow kinetic energy of the ventricles of the heart. In comparison to standard two-dimensional image acquisition, 4D flow CMR is felt to offer superior reproducibility, which is important when repeated examinations may be required. The objective was to evaluate the inter-observer and intra-observer reproducibility of blood flow kinetic energy assessment using 4D flow of the left ventricle in 20 healthy volunteers across two centres in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Data description: This dataset contains 4D flow CMR blood flow kinetic energy data for 20 healthy volunteers with no known cardiovascular disease. Presented is kinetic energy data for the entire cardiac cycle (global), the systolic and diastolic components, in addition to blood flow kinetic energy for both early and late diastolic filling. This data is available for reuse and would be valuable in supporting other research, such as allowing for larger sample sizes with more statistical power for further analysis of these variables.

Original languageEnglish
Article number289
JournalBMC Research Notes
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 27 Jul 2021


  • 4D flow CMR
  • Flow quantification
  • Haemodynamics
  • Reproducibility analysis

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