Seeing beyond violence - children as researchers

R. Walker, P. Egg, B. Schratz-Hadwich, G. Trubswasswer

Research output: Working paper


This publication reports the findings of a participatory action research project with children conducted in response to a call, by the United Nations, for research on violence against children. It used visual methods, and in particular involved children using digital photography as a means of exploring complex and abstract ideas. The study was accepted and published by the United Nations and has received several citations and quotations in the emerging field of visual methods research. It has also been influential in the work of children's organisations (UNICEF, SOS). The report was also presented at AARE, BERA, an ESRC seminar on participatory research and at an ESRC RDI on Visual Methods. The contribution of Walker was 30%.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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