Self-sustained combustion of carbon monoxide promoted by the Cu-Ce/ZSM-5 catalyst in CO/O2/N2 atmosphere

Feng Bin, Xiaolin Wei, Bo Li, Kwan San Hui

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The Cu/ZSM-5, Ce/ZSM-5 and Cu-Ce/ZSM-5 catalysts were prepared and characterized in this investigation and the catalytic activity of carbon monoxide (CO) combustion under these catalysts was determined by temperature-programmed oxidation. The activity for the CO combustion follows the decreasing order: Cu-Ce/ZSM-5>Cu/ZSM-5>Ce/ZSM-5, indicated by lower ignition, light-off, extinction temperature and broader hysteresis determined via both heating and cooling feeding process. The CO adsorbed on the copper sites to form Cu+-CO complexes, monodentate and bidentate carbonates was considered to be the crucial step for CO catalytic combustion. At the CO concentration ≥5vol.%, the CO self-sustained combustion was achieved over the Cu-Ce/ZSM-5 catalyst. One reason is due to formation of Cu2+ ions incorporated into cerium oxides, which are more reducible than the copper clusters, minicrystals and bulk CuO particles. Another reason is attributable to the formation of Ce4+/Ce3+ redox couple, which facilitates oxygen transport on the catalyst surface.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)282-288
Number of pages7
JournalApplied Catalysis B: Environmental
Early online date9 Jul 2014
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2015


  • Carbon monoxide
  • Catalytic activity
  • Cu-Ce/ZSM-5
  • Self-sustained combustion

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