Sexual Minorities and Mental Health: Current Perspectives and New Directions

Joanna Semlyen (Editor), Poul Rohleder (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportBook


This edited book presents a comprehensive guide to the research, challenges and differing perspectives within mental health for sexual minority populations in the UK. Drawing on clinical, social, health and community psychology perspectives, it brings the urgency of this topic back to the fore, providing insight into some of ways we understand and make sense of the increased prevalence of poorer mental health in these populations.

Using an intersectional approach, a broad range of experts from across academia and practice explore the specific threat and discrimination faced by sexual minorities and investigate the high prevalence of poor mental health, health risk behaviours and psychological distress in these groups. The volume also offers innovative insight as to ways in which the disparities experienced by sexual minorities may be addressed. Ideal for practitioners in mental health and sexuality, as well as psychologists, policy makers, and academics alike interested in mental health, sexuality, public health, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or counselling, this collection features wide array of qualitative and quantitative sources to describe the current state of the art with an interdisciplinary lens.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
Number of pages444
ISBN (Electronic)978-3-031-37438-8
ISBN (Print)978-3-031-37437-1
Publication statusPublished - 9 Nov 2023

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