Speculative Nature Writing: An Anthology

Jos Smith (Editor), Hetty Saunders (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportBook


Between the poles of utopian and dystopian writing, there is a more ambiguous space of apprehension which is as real as it is difficult to describe. Speculative Nature Writing invites the reader into such spaces, where nature, like the future, is plural, contested and undecided, and where there is everything still to play for.

This anthology brings together new and established authors at the speculative edge of nature writing. Authors whose work is testing the overlap between fiction and non-fiction, pushing at familiar forms and conventions, curious about marginalised experiences, or reaching towards an uncertain future and trying to meet it with a love for the particular. There are stories of disorientation, stories of outrage and stories that meet today’s anxieties with a much-needed exuberance.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherGuillemot Press
Commissioning bodyArts and Humanities Research Council
Number of pages260
ISBN (Print)9781913749460
Publication statusPublished - 15 Sep 2023


  • nature writing
  • ecocriticism
  • environmental futures

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