To address the challenges in teaching Spanish and other languages ​​in the UK, we argue that it is very important that teachers aim to develop open access educational resources. Creating our own materials and sharing them with other teachers would facilitate an agile, collaborative and supportive response to the needs of the classroom. It would also allow for a greater quantity and variety of materials to promote learning and reflection on sustainability and decolonization in the context of language teaching. These are premises derived from the experience working with Spanish students at a UK university, a challenge that implies an opportunity to learn from and about diversity and respond to it.

Anti-racist pedagogies that support diversity require an inclusive, creative and adaptive approach and a wide collection of regularly updated material. Language teaching contexts need to be able to quickly capture everyday social, political, scientific and environmental debates and events beyond the conventional boundaries often set by the textbooks used. Language teachers can be vectors of transformation, making it possible to better represent certain communities and their problems, which are normally barely visible. With adequate instruments, that teaching that values ​​sustainability and decolonization can go beyond our classrooms.

Spanish Bytes, an open digital platform with a flexible and inclusive agenda, created by the author of this work, is proposed as an adequate space for the development of content that responds in a timely manner to diversity in the classroom and in the Spanish-speaking world. In order to illustrate its usefulness and relevance, some examples of content redesign are presented, derived from reflections and readings that explore diversity in its multiple dimensions, with resources in which decolonization, sustainability, and student contributions are important dimensions of the job. We will use these examples as a basis to outline a language teaching that can truly be considered sustainable.
Original languageEnglish
TypeTranslation of a peer-reviewed article on sustainable language teaching
Media of outputWebpage
PublisherLingua Bytes
Publication statusPublished - 17 Jan 2023


  • sustainability
  • inclusion
  • diversity
  • decolonisation
  • collaboration

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