Taking part through telling stories: a pilot study of Storysharing(R): Taking part through telling stories

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Aims: The ability to share stories is critical to self-expression, relationship development and community engagement. The current study aimed to evaluate the effects of a Storysharing® intervention on personal narrative construction by children with intellectual disability and their supporters. Methods: A small, within group study was conducted in a community, special school in England. Eleven children, aged 13-18 years, and their classroom supporters participated. Video capture of personal story telling in child-adult dyads was conducted pre- and post- a Storysharing® intervention. Video footage sampled to two minutes was transcribed and analysed using structural-functional linguistics. Within group changes were analysed. Results: Post-intervention measures revealed significant changes to the discourse structure with the supporters using fewer questions and more scaffolded prompts, and the children initiating more statements. The narratives were more sustained and the structural elements of narrative were significantly different. Evaluative elements, although non-significant, revealed key emergent themes. Conclusion: Changes in the construction of personal narratives by the children with their supporters appear to be associated with the intervention. The potential of Storysharing® as a vehicle for the personal narrative development of individuals with intellectual disability in partnership with their supporters would benefit from further investigation.
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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