The Ongoing Eruption in Montserrat

S.R Young, R White, G Wadge, B Voight, J Toothill, N Stevens, R Stewart, M Stasiuk, R.S.J Sparks, G Skerrit, J Shepherd, W Scott, R Robertson, J Power, G Norton, M Murphy, A Miller, C.D Miller, L Lynch, R LuckettA.M Lejeune, L Latchman, M James, P Jackson, R Hoblitt, Richard Herd, C Harford, P.W Francis, N Dyer, T.H Druitt, J Devine, M Davies, B Darroux, P Cole, E.S Calder, Jennifer Barclay, W Aspinall, S Arafin, W Ambeh

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Volcanology became a modern, interdisciplinary science after two deadly eruptions in 1902 killed 36,000 people and researchers realized the need for a better understanding of volcano behavior. In a Perspective, the staff of the Montserrat Volcano Observatory give an overview of what is known about a current hazard: the Soufriere Hills volcano.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)371-372
Issue number5311
Publication statusPublished - 18 Apr 1997

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