Three-dimensionally ordered macroporous structure enabled nanothermite membrane of Mn2O3/Al

Guoqiang Zheng, Wenchao Zhang (Lead Author), Ruiqi Shen, Jiahai Ye, Zhichun Qin, Yimin Chao (Lead Author)

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Mn2O3 has been selected to realize nanothermite membrane for the first time in the literature. Mn2O3/Al nanothermite has been synthesized by magnetron sputtering a layer of Al film onto three-dimensionally ordered macroporous (3DOM) Mn2O3 skeleton. The energy release is significantly enhanced owing to the unusual 3DOM structure, which ensures Al and Mn2O3 to integrate compactly in nanoscale and greatly increase effective contact area. The morphology and DSC curve of the nanothermite membrane have been investigated at various aluminizing times. At the optimized aluminizing time of 30 min, energy release reaches a maximum of 2.09 kJ∙g−1, where the Al layer thickness plays a decisive role in the total energy release. This method possesses advantages of high compatibility with MEMS and can be applied to other nanothermite systems easily, which will make great contribution to little-known nanothermite research.
Original languageEnglish
Article number22588
JournalScientific Reports
Publication statusPublished - 3 Mar 2016

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