What agricultural practices are most likely to deliver ‘sustainable intensification’ in the UK?

Lynn Dicks (Lead Author), David Rose, Frederic Ang, Steve Aston, Nick Birch, Nigel Boatman, Elizabeth Bowles, David Chadwick, Alex Dinsdale, Sam Durham, John Elliot, Les Firbank, Stephen Humphreys, Phil Jarvis, Dewi Jones, Daniel Kindred, Stuart Knight, Michael Lee, Carlo Leifert, Matt LobleyKim Matthews, Alice Midmer, Mark Moore, Carol Morris, Simon Mortimer, Thomas Murray, Keith Norman, Stephen Ramsden, Dave Roberts, Laurence Smith, Richard Soffe, Chris Stoate, Bryony Taylor, David Tinker, Mark Topliff, John Wallace, Prysor Williams, Paul Wilson, Michael Winter, William Sutherland

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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