What do Australian dermatologists expect to be paid for store-and-forward teledermoscopy? A preliminary investigation

Centaine L Snoswell, Jennifer A Whitty, Liam J Caffery, Anna Finnane, H Peter Soyer

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Introduction: Determining appropriate remuneration for teledermoscopy service is important because inadequate remuneration can be a barrier to practitioner uptake and participation. This study explores dermatologist remuneration expectations for a single lesion store-and-forward teledermoscopy consultation.

Methods: Fourteen dermatologists participated in telephone interviews during May–June 2017. Questions regarding remuneration focused on a clinical scenario involving teledermoscopy of a single lesion suspected to be skin cancer. The initial scenario was an existing patient, with a provisional diagnosis of benign neoplasm from the images, to be followed-up with routine skin checks, taking three minutes to review. Participants indicated their remuneration expectation by selecting from an ascending array of pre-determined remuneration ranges. The question was repeated a further four times with one aspect of the scenario changed each time; consultation length, source (patient or general practitioner), required follow-up, and a new rather than existing patient. Participants were also asked how appropriate they thought teledermoscopy was for the scenario, and whether they would choose to undertake the consultation presented.

Results: Nine dermatologists selected the AU$61–90 or AU$91–120 remuneration ranges for the initial scenario. When given the opportunity to comment on teledermoscopy service provision in Australia, respondents reflected that it was a valuable, advanced dermatology service, but they would prefer face-to-face consultation with patients where possible to allow for a full body examination.

Discussion: Dermatologists expect to be remunerated in the range of AU$61–120 for a single lesion store-and-forward teledermoscopy consultation when face-to-face examination is not possible.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)438-444
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Telemedicine and Telecare
Issue number7
Early online date22 Jun 2018
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2019


  • Teledermoscopy
  • dermatology
  • remuneration
  • healthcare financing
  • health services

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